Residential Pest Control in the Chicago Suburbs

It’s summer in your home all year long!

Ampest Residential Pest Control in ChicagoDue to the fact that your home is temperature controlled, insects and rodents can live and breed all year long! That is why ongoing Chicagoland pest control protection is necessary when threatened by pests that can contaminate food, spread disease and aggravate allergies.

Our residential services are:

  • Guaranteed
  • Can include quarterly exterior protection
  • Eliminate pests on exterior perimeter

Quarterly Protection

Our one time service includes a 30 day guarantee that temporarily solves most occasional invader problems. For more serious infestations such as carpenter ants, roaches, or rodents, an additional chargable service may be needed in the first 30 day period to gain control. For ongoing protection, a monthly, every other month, or quarterly service is recommended.

AMPEST offers quarterly exterior service designed for your convenience. You don’t even need to be home during the service. That means no scheduling, no hassles, and most of all–no pests! We can visit your home four times each year to ensure it is pest-free. Our treatments eliminate pests on the exterior perimeter of the home where they attempt to enter. Not only does this provide protection from pests, but also minimizes the risk of pesticide exposure to you, your family and pets.

Peace of Mind

Our services are designed for customers who want a little more protection and peace of mind. We can monitor pest-vulnerable areas on the interior of the home to detect pest activity. Then, one of our AMPEST trained professionals can utilize EPA approved materials to remove pests upon detection. In addition, our service professionals provide protection and get rid of most pests before they have a chance to invade.

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Why Choose

  • Locally owned and operated since 1979
  • State Certified and fully insured
  • All services guaranteed
  • Professionally trained & equipped technicians
  • Affordable pricing (free phone estimates)
  • No contract for one-time service
  • Non-binding agreement for ongoing maintenance service
  • Member of the Greater Chicago Pest Management Alliance
  • Associate Certified Entomologist on staff
  • Member of the Illinois Wildlife Control Operators Association