Pest Control Services in Chicago Suburbs

Pest and Wildlife Control by Ampest Exterminating

AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control offers a variety of services for all your needs throughout the process. You can be free from the pests and the damage that are the source of your troubles. With affordable pricing and guaranteed services, you have nothing to lose!

Our services include the following:

  • Commercial Pest Control: We offer pest control services for business and companies in the Chicagoland services. Our team understands the importance of professional services and can help you rid your commercial building of the pests that are unsafe for your business and employees.
  • Residential Pest Control: If you are currently suffering from pests in your home, allow AMPEST to safely and properly remove them for you. We can help you and your family sleep better at night knowing annoying pests have been removed. In addition, we can prevent them from returning.
  • Wildlife Control: Wild animals don’t belong in your home or commercial property. Animals such as skunks, squirrels, and raccoons can leave a lot of damage to your home and pose a risk to the health of your family. As we say at AMPEST, “we’re not quitters until we get your critters!” Our trained specialists can get them out and keep them out.
  • Industrial/Institutional: No project is too big or too small for AMPEST to handle. We have specialized solutions for industrial and commercial situations. All our extermination and wildlife removal services are guaranteed.
  • Full Attic Extermination: Attics make convenient homes for many different pests, from Rodents to Raccoons. While it’s convenient for them to make a home in your attic, it’s dangerous and damaging for you. Our trained technicians can remove the threat and repair any damage.

All our services are guaranteed for 30 days. You can rest assured that we finish what we start and the critters don’t stand a chance against our expertise.
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  • Locally owned and operated since 1979
  • State Certified and fully insured
  • All services guaranteed
  • Professionally trained & equipped technicians
  • Affordable pricing (free phone estimates)
  • No contract for one-time service
  • Non-binding agreement for ongoing maintenance service
  • Member of the Greater Chicago Pest Management Alliance
  • Associate Certified Entomologist on staff
  • Member of the Illinois Wildlife Control Operators Association