Pest Exclusion Services in Chicago

Wildlife Damage Restoration in Chicago by Ampest Exterminating
Wildlife and pests, such as raccoons, birds, and rodents, can cause damage to many areas of your home or industrial facility. Our expert technicians at AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control are fully equipped to temporarily patch wildlife damage and provide exclusion services for rodents, bats, and other pests. With more and more customers looking for safer and smarter ways to handle pests, we are proud to offer pest exclusion services, providing truly long-term and effective ways to get rid of pests in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

What is pest exclusion?

With so many pest control services in the Chicago area, competition has never been fiercer, and customers demand nothing short of complete elimination of rodents when using wildlife control companies. In recent years, companies have started to offer perhaps the most important and crucial aspect of pest management, which is known as pest exclusion. Instead of waiting for a pest invasion, exclusion works as a preventative measure that keeps pests from gaining access to your facility. In other words, exclusion essentially functions as the organization’s first line of defense when it comes to preventing an invasion of pests and wildlife. After all, the most effective way to eliminate pests is to prevent them from getting inside your building in the first place. By blocking their access, you won’t have to worry about them at all.

Our pest exclusion process

Since pests (especially rodents) go into buildings to seek food, water, and shelter, it’s important to ensure there is no way they can make it into your building. By identifying the gaps where pests typically enter (drain pipes, door openings, etc.), we can then start to seal them effectively. We thoroughly check your building or facility and leave nothing open other than the strictly necessary entry points. From there, we’ll eliminate all gaps and crevices with a variety of methods depending on your unique situation. Some approaches we may use include caulking cracks, spraying expandable foam, or even installing copper wire mesh or other deterrents. We may also advise you to remove any inviting elements that may attract pests, such as organic material, food, water, and materials for nesting and breeding.

The benefits of pest exclusion

One of the most significant benefits of pest exclusion is that it is significantly less expensive than dealing with the critters once you’ve suffered an infestation. Almost no chemicals are required, and the methods are much more effective. Pest exclusion is also safer for you and the environment, as the use of heavy-duty pesticides is eliminated. If you have a great amount of foot traffic, this is an important factor to take into consideration. And by preventing pests from entering altogether, you can avoid having to deal with a pest invasion. If you already suffer from pests or wildlife infringing upon your organization or business, our team at AMPEST Extermination & Wildlife Control can ensure you have the most effective pest control services at your fingertips within the Chicago area.

We can provide pest exclusion services to businesses of all types, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Retirement homes
  • Hotels and motels
  • Residences
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Daycare facilities

With a full-service inspection, we can determine if exclusion work can help solve your pest or wildlife problem. Get in touch today for assistance!

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