Attic Pest Extermination Services in Chicago

If there’s one place pests and rodents are the most likely to hide inside your house, it’s the attic. Not only is it dark and often moist, but it’s a large, open space that’s perfect for rodents and other pests to settle in, nest, and breed without you easily noticing or disturbing them. And by the time you do realize they’re there, the rodent or pest infestation has likely progressed to the point that it could cause serious and costly damage. Fortunately, AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control provides full-service attic extermination in and around Chicago. If you think you may have a rodent or pest invasion in your home, reach out to us now.

The danger of pests

Rodents and other pests can easily find access into your attic, either through gaps or by climbing up the side of your house. Over time, they can develop into very serious hazards that will drain not only your time but also your money. For example, birds create loud, annoying noises, health risks, and droppings. Rats and mice are an even more serious issue, as they can chew through almost everything in your house, from the wood to electrical wiring and insulation, causing extensive damage and potential fire hazards. Rats can also carry diseases, and their feces and urine pose serious health hazards. Another serious pest is the squirrel, which may also gnaw on wood and electrical wires. Other pests you want to keep out include stinging insects such as bees, and wasps.

Since all these pests can easily breed and multiply in your attic, it’s often only a matter of time before you have a full-out invasion on your hands, which will take up even more time to eradicate. So, if you think you hear the sound of pests in your attic, call us immediately. We’ll make sure your attic is pest-free!

Our attic pest process

The AMPEST Exterminating & Wildlife Control team has all the necessary training, experience, and tools to ensure the complete extermination of pests from your home. We may also combine our pest exclusion services to ensure reentry is impossible for all the pests and rodents in the area. All our treatments are as environmentally friendly as possible, and we make sure to use only the safest methods available, all of which are child- and pet-friendly.

Once we’ve made sure there are no more pests left in your attic, we’ll follow up as many times as necessary, as well as provide you with prevention tips and best practices to ensure you won’t have to worry about having any unwelcome guests in your attic or home anytime soon. So, whether you have raccoons, squirrels, or other unwanted wildlife in your attic in Chicago and the surrounding areas, don’t wait any longer—get in touch with the AMPEST team today!

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